Me And Monica Lewinsky

So you all know the story by now. Yes, I was fired by Vernon Jordan's law partners back in late October 1991. I have never understood why the firm handled the termination the way it did. One telephone call, one five-minute telephone call from managing partner Larry Hoffman placed to the managing partner at any firm in the city and I could have been working the very next day. Yes, I could have had a full-time job at Hogan & Hartson, or Skadden Arps, or any of the numerous firms in the city. My employer, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, could have saved itself so many future headaches if it had taken the initiative to make one 5-minute telephone call. One would think that the firm would have made the effort to find me another job -- not for me -- but to serve it's own interests. After all, idle hands are the Devil's tool. But then, maybe Vernon Jordan's law partners never heard that maxim. I suppose the firm would say, "we don't do that. We don't find alternative employment for employees we terminate. We're a law firm, not an employment agency." Ha! Now really.

Have you ever heard of someone named Monica Lewinsky? Let me refresh your recollection. Between November 1995 and March 1997, Monica Lewinsky had an intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton. She later testified that the relationship involved ******** in the Oval Office and other sexual contact but that sexual intercourse did not occur.

During the Monica Lewinsky scandal it was revealed that President Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie, had asked Vernon Jordan to help Lewinsky find a job in New York, allegedly as part of an effort to keep her silent. Jordan telephoned Revlon chief Ron Perelman—Jordan was on the board of the beauty company at the time—and arranged a $40,000-a-year position for Lewinsky.

So apparently, if you blow the president, Vernon Jordan will help you find employment. But if you're a hard-working employee at Vernon Jordan's firm and you get terminated to bury an allegation against a court-adjudicated racist (Christine Robertson), Vernon Jordan's law partners will blow you off. But more. You will be certified insane and potentially violent.

Was I angry that the V.E. Jordan Employment Agency tried to find work for Monica Lewinsky; but not only did nothing to find employment for me but actually had me certified insane? Yes, I was angry -- but I have to admit I was entertained by the irony of the situation.
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If only you had someone's ***** on an unwashed garment preserved somewhere for just such a falling out.