I can never easily make friends in new classes due to being awkward and unable to hold up a decent conversation when speaking face-to-face
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It's not a cure for those feelings but one rule of conversation is a topic that always gets people talking is themselves so a question or two to get them started and away they should go.

Haha I have no problem talking face-to-face.. it's just that I tend to shrug or not add to their topic a lot when they talk.. they take it offensively and.. yeah I dont have friends. Some. Do goldfishes count as friends? Lol.

I have no problem talking to people who either have the same interests or speak to me first, but other than that I just keep myself to myself xD
Hey goldfish make great friends! ;D

It just takes confidence and practice. Try making small talk to the person at the convenient store or when you're shopping. Ask questions about things to show you're interested or want to know more.

That's basically the problem for me, I don't have any confidence in myself. When I try to ask questions the conversation ends ever so quickly.
I do talk to people if they speak to me first or if I'm with friends, then I feel more confident. But when I'm by myself my mind shuts down completely

So practice on people you don't know in stores. Make small talk. If your in a clothing store in line, compliment the person next to you about their selection. No one will judge you and it will make you more confident.

True true, I suppose I just need to get over myself in order to get the confidence to do that first :')
I'll get there in the end

And you'll be much happier. Most likely you will have to take a speech class in HS won't you?

No we don't have that here, we usually have presentations in business but no speech classes

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lol same here dont worry im here u can msg me if u want, i gotcha back! lol