im so happy
my mum has had m on a diet since march but she couldnt stop me from going out with my friends and sneaking out after the holidays started my mum said i could have a break for a while and i went from 187lbs (end of may) to 307lbs (now) also i kept bribing my sister to take me to kfc and stuff and shes put on a bit f weight. I'm trying to convince her to gain with me but she wont she wants her stick figure.
she keeps fretting about her so called weight gain it was only like 7 pounds but she has a roll when she sits and shes starving herself to get rid of it
she doesnt ever wear belly tops anymore
how can i convince her to gain???
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2 Responses Sep 1, 2014

Feed her in her sleep?

jk...that's probably dangerous! lol

Maybe, only time can tell.