Hello There

I did it, see I'm not addicted, never was. Can handle it without EP. Started smoking again (a bit), but shushhh.

I'm only back because I want to kill some people... and I thought "that's the sort of thing that goes on EP" So... yeah.

newmurderer newmurderer
5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

always full of asswipes. and if you can't beat em join em, at least i have.

******* nothing and ******* nowhere. EP was causing stress, so I hid from it. Glad to see it's still full of asswipes :)

had to double check the date that it wasn't aug 18th 2009.. but it checks out, so wtf are you up to these days and wtf have you been?

Haha, Oh bollocks. I saw this in the sidebar and was about to comment "me too" and then take the **** outta the pathetic EP addict :(

glad you are back. don't forget to kill me on the way out! :)