Bad One

So, after listening to the song "bad girlfriend" by Theory of a deadman... I recommend you listen to it... I have decided that was me to a T, excluding the gold digger part. I feel bad to my BF because he is soooo into me, and loves me, but, I am just like blah.. Now, I have known him for 5 years and we have been great friends through the whole time... I am just not into relationships right now. I was with my last BF for 4 years and it was 4yrs of crap. I try to tell him that we should just be friends but he won't listen!  So... I dont know what to do.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I love it... ok.. most boys suck but JourneymanChronicle is awesome :)

ohhh.. I don't holg a grudge against boys.. I still love em'

See.. let me add on.. that I lived in MN and that is where he is.. I moved to GA in August of 08. So, we live 1200 miles apart. I try to tell him it not gonna work, I don't do the long distance thing, but I just hate to make him feel bad because he is my friend. The problem is, is that if I still lived in MN, I would still be dating him.. Just since I moved, I just don't want to be tied down. He also has it in his mind that I will be moving back someday and wants this perfect life, but I keep telling him that I wont be moving back. Ugh... I just get mad because it is coming to the point of I will have to be mean to him in order for him to understand.. this sucks... wait.. boys suck!

I agree with Lacey, tell him the truth and don't betray yourself.