A Piece Of Puzzle.

I remember encountering in my time as an adolescent, the starnge phenomena of canine feces in this unique format.

Since the late eighties, I have not since had the privilege of treading on a substance as rare as the Dodo and observing its features. Blessed with the imagination of my age at the time, I beleived it was alien droppings, leading to a unique game of space invaders, using the natural excretions as ammunition to fling in a well crafted weapon made form tiolet or kitchen roll at my chums of this light coloured age posing as invaders from planets unknown, once hit with this seldolm seen mineral they would be exterminated, making me the victor of the universe.

However, as a result of puberty, piles of responsibility as appose to piles of white gold, my lucid vision was made dark by factors unknown and uncontemplated until today. Maybe it was a perversion of diet, engineered by scientists, who in a previous decade were unwilling victims of the white stuff, or were just 'not invited' to parties between those fortunate enough to have indulged in this glorious, but faded (quite literally) pastime.

So I ask, to experience project, my friends offline, my family and indeed the world, what ever happened that we must no longer be given choice over the colour of the ultimate carpet stainer, the filth we class as friend ( at least to those of us who are 'in the know' ), was there a conspiricy, some governmental summit or extinction of a talented creature that could create such a seductive childrens weapon of choice and historical object that is sorely missed, or just a force of weather and parasites, the ultimate question-why is there no longer any white dog **** in mine and others communities, at a time where equality is a hot as a debate as the chunky remains we discuss as we speak, allowing this to happenwhich is in my view just pure, stinking, rancid, curled up racial discrimination of feces,why, oh why?

Theories welcome, or if you prefer to insult me or possibly have me banned for raising such a fouling topic, please leave your experiences of this subject or just leave a 'log' on the bottom of this page.

White canine excrement,  why no more and why bother? You have the chance of a lifetime to try and explain this issue and clear it up like a responsible owner of a creature long gone and with the Gods above!

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
26-30, M
Mar 9, 2010