This confusion all started with the bowl of lemons.  I ask you, have you ever given a loved one a lemon, let alone a bowl of lemons, as a gift?  Who does that?  

So, Das and I went back and forth sending "gifts" to each other, each one more baffling than the next.

A turtle?  According to Das, that must mean, "Sorry your internet is slow."

A rhino?  If anyone ever gave me a rhino as a gift, I'm no longer their friend.  Those things are expensive to care for.

The 3 boxes?  Is that a nicer way to tell someone to "hey, pack your crap, I want you out"?!?!!?

Scissors?  "Hey, I'm a stalker.  I think I'm going to stab you."

The Chess pieces?  I have never, to this day, felt compelled to give anyone a single chess piece. 

And what's up with the ship wheel?  "Sorry, I can't afford the whole boat, but here's the steering vessel"?!?!?

I'm confused.  And want a muffin.  (Which is a kind of strange gift, too.  A lone, blueberry muffin.)


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I actually like the Zen Garden. I've sent that to friends when they're stressed and need to relax.

Yep - I like the feather, and the alcohol, definitely the alcohol. And have used the heels and handcuffs ... some are just weird. What about the rocks?? weird.

CK! Curse you! They are my nemesis. They spy on me. I should send you rats and toilet paper for even saying such a thing.

Squirrels would be fun!!

Macaroni and cheese. Definitely. But NO squirrels, ever!

I'm not sure if that's cute or creepy!! LOL

Hi CK! The funniest one I received was a "rat" LOL!!! He accompanied it with this cute message...<br />
<br />
"I always tell my buddies that: "if I had TWO dead rats, I'd give you one" so finally YOU get to be the lucky recipient of one. ;-)"

I think the toilet paper is another way af saying you are full of ****.

Thanks all. <br />
<br />
Maybe the scissors is an invitation for Arts and Crafts time?! Who knows?!!<br />
<br />
I think a magic wand and some pixie dust would be wonderful!!

I want them to add a magic wand! Everybody needs one at some point or another. And a crystal ball! I adore the red shoes, and the pot of gold would come in very useful, if only it wasn't virtual.......

Great post, and true, we do need more or at least some different gifts, but personally, I send a lot of blueberry muffins, toast and english tea, so please lets keep those. :)

Hey! Why isn't there a nice glass of red wine? Champagne and beer only at the EP bar.<br />
CK, we do need lingerie! More chocolate would be great, too. It seems stupid to send over a box of Valentine candy in Nov. when your female friend is riddled with PMS symptoms and just needs to scarf a fistful of chocolate.

Well maybe the boxes are mostly, "Hey come live with me!" or "lets play in some boxes!" And the scissors are "I cut my hair off for you with these scissors!" . . .okay you're right that is stalker-ish. . .

The cheese and crackers is a good one.

Oh! Thanks for the clarification on that!<br />
<br />
Cheese and Crackers anyone??? :)

The rainbow triangle is kind of....rude though. Unless one gay/lesbian gifts it to another. But a straight person giving it to someone else? That's kind of rude. At least I think so.<br />
<br />
The handcuffs are fun!!

Just an FYI<br />
The rainbow triangle is the symbol of the gay community.<br />
<br />
I have sent the turtle to my girl. We are in a long distance relationship and If I remember correctly, the turtle slowly and steadily wins the race :)

Yea that rainbow triangle thingy is odd. How about the chinese lamp? What is that supposed to symbolize..am I missing something?

And what's up with the rainbow triangle thingy???

The personal assistant is one of my favorites! The California Roll is just plain wierd.

The wallet is a little weird. So are the gold bricks. Here's some gold. Good luck melting it down.

CK- Love the story! And you are right...and why a wallet? I have always wondered...why would I send a wallet? Give me your money...wth does that say? :)<br />
<br />
I want some cute stuff...some girly stuff!!! I want some handbags, some jewelry, some pink stuff!! We are in desperate need of more gifts!!! And if there is a dog why isnt there a kitten? It baffles me...but that doesnt take much these days.

Good idea, Split.

Hey you be nice to Fred... Fred is my turtle and and loves to run around ep. <br />
<br />
I think we need a condom for a gift... just a thought. Some ppl just should not reproduce

I can see the toilet paper....everyone needs a roll of that. <br />
<br />
But, you're right. We need new and improved gifts. Lingerie, shoes, books, spa retreats.....

I send a lot, and I mean a lot, of toilet paper. Who doesn't need that extra roll around just for the security? And so many uses! <br />
Frankly, we need new and better gifts on EP. How about some bubble bath or massage oil? A big down pillow and a fluffy blanket? Or how about getting rid of that creepy doctor? *shudders*

The slippers is good. And it's a valid gift. <br />
<br />
I like the puppy.