The Seedy Side of Things.....

I have worked in the entertainment and restaurant industries my entire adult life.  These businesses lend themselves, no doubt, to the seedier side of life.  There are always drugs, drinks and sex to be had.  I don't oppose any of this-- obviously, or I would ave gotten out of the business a long time ago.  But its a bit concerning how these things are becoming the social "norm".  I know I have had at least two relationships with men who were engaged or married.  Now, it used to be, an affair was kept quiet-- no one knew about such things, and those who did knew not to say anything to anyone else.  Well, my 'affairs" were a poorly kept secret.  Everyone knew about them, except for the guys' lady friends.  And no one cared, no one suggested that perhaps this was not the way to go, that I (or he) shoudl have second thoughts about any of it.  We just did what we did, and everyone noticed while pretending not to.  A sad statement.
And the fact that cocaine is such a prevelant issue amongst folks my age is abit disheartening, too.  Now, some of you out there, some of the tamer ones, probably don't realize that when they go into a fancy restaurant and sit down that their bartender or server are probably stoned and jonesing for another rail.  The average person doesn't realize that the folks serving them probably only slept two or thre hours the night before (if at all)), and if they got close enough they could smell the liquor sweating out of their pours, if not a shot on the breath.
Now, i drink, i smoke cigarettes and weed, and used to have both cocaine and heroin addictions.  I am hardly in the moral right, but, it seems, there are few out there to foil my behavior. It seems like we are a country of drug addicted alcoholics who practice infidelity like most people practice tennis.  You can't have sinners without saints, and I think we are running dangerously low on the latter.

 I would like to think that there is still some purity out there, and maybe there is, but I know it is only moments before that purity shatters-- before the 12 year old puts a **** in her mouth while her boyfriend smokes a joint two houses down, before the righteous realize the error of their ways and cue a downward spiral that leads, inevitably, directly to the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

Mothers, lock up your daughters, and do what you can to save this wretched country of ours.  This country that has become so self absorbed and obsessed with celebrity culture and a hedonstic life style not seen nsince th old days of Sodom and Gommorah.

Its our last chance.

And then its back to the drawing boards......
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Not just the US but all over:(

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Well, the traditional values still exist. I've been happily married for 20 years and am not considered a miracle by most people I know :^). That's partly because I associate with so many people who share my cultural values. We believe in (brace yourself for old-fashioned words) chastity before marriage and complete fidelity after, and while adultery isn't entirely unheard of, we by no means consider it normal or acceptable. We protect ourselves from our own weaknesses; we not only intend to avoid adultery, but to avoid situations which would make such a mistake easier to make.<br />
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I know more people who don't drink at all (not even wine) than I do alcoholics. Most people I know well don't smoke cigarettes, much less weed (including my kids and my friends' kids). I do teach in the local schools and I see more problems there, but I also see a lot of kids doing well and avoiding the more serious pitfalls adolescents are prone to. <br />
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As a culture, we value integrity, purity, fidelity, industry, service and compassion..."We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and in doing good to all men...if there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things" (to quote a sort of principle well-known among us).<br />
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And here's a kicker--as a community we sometimes refer to ourselves as "Saints," but in the sense of striving toward goodness, not of having arrived at some holy pinnacle as the word has been interpreted and advanced by other factions of Christianity.<br />
<br /> husband's home. And it's Friday, which means--We have a date. :^ )