it sux being one honestly

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@Speakreal okay i know it's your opinion and all but not just Bahamian people are like that. Just like how you have some snobbish rich people and some kind and generous rich people there are those type of Bahamians you described (i can admit) and some nice and loving Bahamians. I'm sorry but it is wrong for you to judge like that<br />
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#justsayin :)

Bahamians are very selfish people, they do feel as though they are better than most people. I was born in the Bahamas, and caught hell there abused by my Mother and her husband and daughter, In the end I was the one who cared for her until she died. Before she died I contacted Bahamians here in the US to help me with her and no one help. I have open my home to many Bahamians only for them to go behind my back and speak ill of me. It is so sad but being born there I had many other cultures in my blood, so maybe that is why I am different. The men OMG they sleep around like flies on rotten meat, they have so many children, and they don't take care of their children. I left the Bahamas at a very young age, and have no reason to return there ever again. That place gives me a bad taste in my mouth, and growing up there I couldn't wait to leave, these people my people really need to search their hearts and soul. God bless America I finally have found my true home.