Basque Askatu!!

The Spanish penal system uses torture on Basque nationalists and continuously moves prisoners across the country preventing the families easy access. The police shoots rubber bullets directly at peaceful protesters. Ask any Irish Republican and they will tell you that rubber bullets CAN kill. Share your stories here and help begin a movement of solidarity to help free the Basque country and bring justice.

Jennarayah Jennarayah
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2010

Spanish Government and even PNV ( Bsque National Party ) aaaare nowdays trying by all means to finish the movement for Independence from France and Spain but most of their inhabitants , including those coming from France and Spain are decided to reach Independence. PRESOAK KALERA. AMNISTIA OSOA..presos comunes a la calle. POLITICOS CORRUPTOS ( toDOS ) DISOLUCION...


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