yes i would say i suffer with some type of depression, im not a doctor so i cant say what, but i was told, so yes im on tablets, yes i have cut, hurt, burnt, hit, scratched myself to get a release from stuff, depression is such a wierd thing because one day i feel fine, happy, fun on top of the world going up up and up but then in an instant that seems to change i nose dive plumet back into the black whole, scrambling to get out, feeling it grab on a pull me further away from the light, i would say looking (im affraid to say) back on my life that to some people itcomes as no surprise i want to die and be left alone  but for some reason i hold out hope that one day things will change and be alright.... heres to dreaming... heres to...a smile.
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I understand how you feel.

from what i read i think u may have a cognitive phobia for change, and some bad history with a person or an event that occured in ur past. but i know there is hope for you from looking at how you write theres a lot of potential in your life. i'll admit it im like so alone always by the computer looking for what to do, thats why ive chosen psychology to be my career to be my thing one day, im scared to proceed but i can do it just like you<br />
<br />
take care<3