The First Steps

I'm only 23 and yet alcohol is taking over my life. i'm writing this at 5 30 in the morning because i cant sleep. After months of heavy drinking my body clock has been turned upside down, i sleep all day and drink all night. 

I have lost my girlfreind, friends, and any sembalance of a real life, 

I am an actor which basically means i spend most of my time working behind a bar!

working so closely with alcohol means it is readily available and acceptable.

I want to have control of my life again and i truly feel i can only acheive this without alcohol.

this is the first time I have really put down my thoughts and it helps a lot

any comments or help from anyone in my position or who has been through this would be greatly welcomed




seansterling seansterling
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I am working dilligently at recovering from alcoholism-lots to unlearn.I've found AA groups to be very helpful.found worldwide,free and compassionate.finally got to the point where I attend meetings and don't drink in between,big progress-making much more in life possible for me.give it a try,all you have to loose is the pain and anxiety...