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My drinking began at thirteen,i remember some-one saying way back then i would become an alcholic.I always had a relationship with the bottle,but as my kids grew older and less dependant on me i drank more.I remarried five years ago and for the first time in my life,i had more money.Money that i spent on drink,my relationship didnt last because i was always drunk.I moved out i still had a problem it took me two years of leaving him to get my act to-gether.I had my last drink on the 10th of June 2008,i am still one drink away from being drunk and with the support of groups and friends i remain sober.The title is in memory,that is for those who have lost their battle with this terrible illness.

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Keep it up girl

Don't look at it as being one drink from being a drunk, look at it as having been totally sober for almost two years. Congratulations on that feat!

What an incredible achievement you made in your life! If you fix nothing else, you've already won the "I did the best I could award" in my books. People lose their whole lives to alcohol. Maybe you could write and let people know where the strength came from, how you did it, what worked for you. You are an inspiration to so many!

sounds like you have strength in you that or youis not possessed by others with this disease.good for you -jmm

Yes i have been working through my demons on a daily basis.I understand what you are saying i realise how i have to face daily issues without resorting to Alcohol,and i will continue to do what i think is right for me.I have faced my issues head on and got through them and my friend i am free.

You sound like you've been able to stop the actual act of drinking, but not the mindset of an alcoholic. Until the mind, your way of thinking, changes, you'll be an alcoholic. You can change the way you think. It takes dedication and work, but you can do it. Alcohol is an escape...from ourselves, our life, our job, our family history, etc. To grow up emotionally and face these negative things head on takes courage and therapy and tears. The reward is freedom. Freedom comes when we face our past, work through it and release it. Then, there is nothing left to escape from. We are set free...from our addictions. Best of luck to you. Do you have the courage to become free? I hope so.

Congratulations to you friend! Isn't life as an alcoholic crap?! I had my last drink in May 2009 and have never been happier.<br />
Well done, mate, you're an inspiration.

Congrats, my mum went through this too. I still love her.I know this is a really hard time for all alchoholics, or ex ones. Good luck!

Thats what alcoholism does,you talk a load of crap and you hurt people.You do things out of character i cringe now at what iv'e said and done.I know i'll never be able to make up for the damage that iv;e done to the one's i love the most.

It's heartbreaking to see the irreversible damge alcohol can do.<br />
kudos to you for having the strength of character to stop drinking.