Depress And Life

I know what you mean and maybe youger then you but loss granny 3 years go and I have not stop mourned! Plus eating everything my hands get on. Some days I just cant eat beause the stress! My hair been coming out too! And been restless for long time too. Im been depress forlong time like since I was 12 so... I try pills to help but I give up on it! I have been to the hospals too! Lots of coulors too! But that help some what! I stay sad I just got use to it and try my best to show people happy when i not! But somebody can be happy angin with help from other and telling your I can do it!Do something that makes you happy like putting on make-up or fixing your hair!! Beacuse know how it feels! Think postive too.Just take it day by day!! Just take time alot!!!

omgtj omgtj
18-21, F
Apr 20, 2010