I feel like no one cares. No one wants me. I have no place in this world anymore, if I wasn't here no one would care I know they wouldn't. I have nothing and no-one to live for anymore. Nobody understands what I'm going through. I see no light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel...This is gonna be the end of me. Maybe it would be for the best if I just disappeared and never came back, maybe then I could start being happy with myself and my life.
sademptynothing sademptynothing
18-21, F
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I feel like this a lot at the moment but we all have to know we are not alone & these dark times will past....

always here for youu

You see we're not alone anymore...

Yeahh I know but sometime I feel so alone its horrible. I don't like to bother people with my problems and once I have bothered them I feel really guilty for it...

I don't like to both people either but sometimes just talking to someone really help even just on here

Yeahh I agree. It does help sometimes, others it can make things worse

Yes it does all depend on who you speak to sometimes if people haven't experienced what you have they don't understand & say things that they think will help but just don't

Yeahh that's true, people don't understand unless they've been there themselves and they'll say things like "stay strong" or just "don't" them kind of statements make things worse

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I've felt this way in the past. It's a temporary problem and will pass if you let it. You're not alone.

thank youu