When Will I Be Stronger Then My Adiction?

I cant stop.. I have bean trying for months now to over come this problem whitch has now

become a large part of my life.:( just yesterday I decited I was not going to cut but I needed

that sensatin that cutting supplys to me, so I pierced my belly button.... no matter how hard I

try I cant quit and I could realyl use some help if anyone has any ideas.:(

I am in a DBT group and we dont talk about self harm or anything related so we do not

give other people ideas of ways to problem solve, we call them "target behaviors". today i

was at therapy and I was talking to jenny my therapist and I never realised all the diffrent

things that I do that hurt my self... such as not eating, cutting, piercing, pills, throwing up,

burning, stabbing ect... i really would like to stop what im doing but its so hard:( anyone els

who self harms im sure hunderstands... i need help so if anyone wants to talk im all ears:)
beccamarie beccamarie
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012