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i am battling self harm i find it easy to do it feels as if my problems will disapear at least for a bit anyway. my housing officer wants me to go to my doctor but i dont know if i can. as i feel people are laughing at me wot do i do?
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i pinky promise i will never laugh at you the only reason anyone would laugh is that they think that you are... idk weird or something but they dont understand pain.... :( stay strong because i know the pain goes away for a while but it doesnt ever go away for ever. i so badly want to hug you right now :) :( im so sorry for your pain!

Hi<br />
No one is laughing at you here ((hugs)) I self harm and have done for 15 years. I understand completely when you say that your problems go away for a while. <br />
You have to want to stop before anything works -take it from someone who has been through more therapy than I can remember! try and replace it with something else and keep control of it - dont let it control you - I cut but I now plan to cut - it doest just happen, and it feels good to have the control back.

hi, i my self am muslim, i used to self harm, but then i said, o god, gide me and give me peace, help me to over come this.<br />
and there was an overwelming felling of fullness,<br />
try it, you never know,<br />
were do you live, i can give you detailes of your local mosque, if you live near me i will happily take you.<br />
you will be verry welcome, even if you dont even want to be muslim!<br />
go to my site for more or email me @ findpeaceinislam@hotmail.co.uk<br />
i wil pray for you every night, you do to, even if you do not no who you are praying to, god will awnser you,<br />
for he is the most merciful<br />
god hlep you<br />
and gide you like he did to me<br />