About a month ago I opened up to my parents about my self harm and it felt simply..great. I was so scared about their reaction but they've been actually amazing. I haven't cut since then..I made a promise and I have to say I feel a bit better now that they know. I hope I'll get through this completely. I feel less lonely now. Always open up to someone that YOU know that
loves you..at first it can be hard, but then it makes you realize you're NOT alone. :)
xdropsofjupiter xdropsofjupiter
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

I'm proud of you xdropsofjupiter. I'm sure it's really tough and worried that they would judge you and try to understand why you were doing that.
I have told people about me. And they would judge me to a point. It's just so difficult to explain when it comes to that.

I know how hard can it be, to find someone who understands and supports you completely, no matter what. I know it because most of the people that sorround me usually criticize and make fun of those who struggle with this issue, without even knowing what they are talking about. And it happened to me that these people were my friends too. So I felt even more lonely and ashamed and I swear it was awful hearing those mean things and pretending not to care. But then you find that one person you can trust and that loves you deeply and unconditionally. And I'm sure you too will find this person sooner or later. Keep going X

That was profound what you just typed.