Failure Has Always Been An Option

I often think of how many times I've gambled at life and lost , fallen into debt , past history of drug use and abuse , failed relationships and marriages , lost friends , dead end jobs , owned a home to give it up , more than a dozen cars and trucks , children I try to be a father to but am a dad instead , etc . Despite all my failures and defeats , I'm doing okay and things could be much worse . I loose at my gambles but no more than I deserve , my dead end jobs are low paying but comfy , well padded prisons , instead of being with my kids always , I can now savor our time together and we do more fun things than just routine , my debts are dealt with except for the spectre of poor credit ,drug history passes away with every day , marriage is over but it was miserable at best average and perhaps someday I'll meet the one I SHOULD be with , or at least accept lonliness . I am the king of the bottom of success's ladder and have gotten used to it . I have a home , car , little motorcycle , dignity ( a little worse for wear but still floatin' ) , kids that love me , and hope for a future . It can be said that the Lord looks after His idiots , and I am in the ranks with them .

Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

what u need to look at here is failure as always been your option............. think of how your life would be if you geared it to be everything other than failure........... if you choose to have failure u will if you dont u wont.. Remember as a grown up u are in control of everything that goes in your mouth to what comes out of it.... If you want to meet a lasting partner have a look at where u r at... Do you want to meet someone that will help u walk the same circles as to where u r now.. If the answer is no stop looking for that person fix yourself..... learn to love u learn about u...... when u r in a good space you will stop attacting things that are of a lower vibration that no longer serve u well... if you dnt understand what i mean email me....

This is a story of survival.. well done..S