Well sort of! It's a constant struggle but one that I manage. I have bad days but I also have good days.

My official diagnosis is a list so long and overwhelming that if I was to buy into it, I would certainly end up on a mental ward. lol

On to the good part. I manage my disorders fairly well. You see, I am not my mental illness. I human being who has a tendency towards mental illness and I've educated myself and done enough self-reflection to know when the depression, anxiety, etc. is taking over. That way I can adjust my schedule, life etc. around if. For example, If I'm anxious or depressed it's probably not the best time to make life decisions and I try to clear my schedule for more self-care so I can return to a better mental state. Also, during these times, I try not to listen or take my negative thoughts seriously no matter how real they feel. Because depression and anxiety make you believe untrue negative things.

I have various different tools in my tool bag to try to deal with whatever I'm going through. I am going to list a few very basic ones.

a) Taking care of my physical health - exercise, healthy diet and good sleep hygiene. When you are physically healthy you just feel better and have more energy to deal with life. Also, we all know the mental benefits of exercise and sleep.

b) Meditation, self-reflection, journaling and prayer. It is so grounding to have a spiritual outlook and practice. It doesn't have to be about religion but rather about a personal relationship with God. Pray, pray, pray for help with your life.

c) Social support - We are social beings. We can not live in isolation. Get out and see people. Even if you don't have a large support system, try to get out. Volunteer, use social networking forums, join a depression/anxiety support group or even do something as simple as going for a walk or saying hi to a neighbor. Do anything. Just don't isolate for too long.

d) Cognitive Behavioral Skills - Imperative for helping you change your thought patterns. A few books to try: a) The Mood Gym: Overcoming Depression with CBT and Other Effective Therapies (they even have a website workshop that you can do for free online) b) Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns
There are many.

And most importantly: You are not alone! So reach out to others. Don't sit in your misery alone. Even if it's just posting here on EP.

Thanks for reading and please share any further tips that you found helpful in your journey towards depression recovery. Wishing you all positive energy and thoughts!
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Thank you so much! This first hand experience means a lot more than any article I could go find with a quick google search. I'm glad you made it this far and you are amazing for sharing all of your knowledge with us.

I'm so glad this was helpful for you. I used to look for the cure through meds/professionals or things outside of myself but then realized that I had to start taking responsibility for my own health and through education, introspection and trail and error found that the above things were the most helpful for me. I wish you lots of luck in your road to recovery! Hugs!

Yours is a wonderful post. Thank you for being uplifting. I wish you well in all you do.

Thanks so much! Depression is such a horrible illness but it's just that....an illness and can be managed. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes.