The Fear We Must Let Go...

Social anxiety...what a strange, unusual fear...

Being afraid that whatever you say it may be considered stupid, weird by others...

Being afraid that if you try to get closer to them and tell a joke...that joke will make them consider you strange, boring and with lack of intelligence.

Being afraid that when you try to share an idea you have it will came out in a bad way and others will say: "why on earth did he open his/ her mouth?"

Being afraid that the way you look will make people say: " He/ she is so ugly, has such a strange look." and that they wouldn't wanna be around you.

Being afraid of the strange look people have in their eyes when you approach them.

Being afraid that you will act in such a way that people will observe your anxiety and won't want to have anything to do with you...the loner.

But , most of all... being afraid that they might be right: THAT YOU ARE REALLY WHAT THEY THINK YOU ARE.

Society is creating so many prototypes : the nerd, the ugly, the fotomodel, the cool and popular, the friendly, the inside the box thinker, the fanatic, the free thinker... and people tend to integrate others in a category or another. The fact is I think PEOPLE have the real fear that causes our anxiety. it sounds strange but think about this: They are afraid of people who are different...who don't behave like the rest and they tend to make them go away.

So...this is what I think we should do...First of all be counciouss that others have a distorted image of ourselves and they don't really have a purpose to dislike's just that fear creates fear. They don't know about what's truly going on: that you are afraid to be judged by them or being considered stupid. They tend to think you're being unfriendly by your choice...and maybe arrogant (it happened to me). Another thing we must do is making choices that will increase our integrity and our respect and trust to ourselve...creating in ourselves a security that other cannot shake. Let me ask you a question: If you will observe that a person that tries to connect with you has social anxiety...what will you do? You knowyou will not be afraid of him because you understand what he/ she is going through, right? But people are afraid of what they don't understand.

Let's go out in the up honest and see what is happening...We are missing great things that could be in our lives because we are not taking risks. Life is risky...the important thing is to reach our potential...even socially. Cause we are not born to be afraid of people...and all of us have the ability to speak. If we have a mouth...let's use it. And if we have friendliness in us...let's let it OUT.

Wish all who have social anxiety that one day you will taste the sweet victory of being you in every situation...having a big smile for everyone that meets you!....:)

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3 Responses Jan 14, 2009


Hell yeah! Crumble the foundations of these fortresses of fear!

well put and so true