No One Is Talking . . . How Ironic.

Come on, people, let's get talking.

I hate being around people, because everything I say or do is going to be judged.  A joke might not be funny, I might bring up a movie or song no one likes, I might act in some way that's not socially acceptable.

That's why, I have conversations with myself (lol) they're so much more fun!

Hehe, nah, the truth is I'm trying to talk more.  You have to change yourself a bit, but, the feeling you get from social interaction is rewarding enough to ignore that.

vagabondwind vagabondwind
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Me too. Hah, I even have fears of talking to people online..? Tell me how stupid is that...

Is that the key to changing? or is their no universal key and its different for everyone?. <br />
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I think the intention to change is so important, what i mean is having a stop at nothing attitude to change, like..<br />
<br />
''other than death nothing is going to stop me conquer social anxiety and live a fulfilling life".

man.. its all this negative thinking that is mindf***king ourselves. We need to quit trying to be a clairvoyant and think we know what might happen in the future. When you start predicting the future in a negative way, somehow your brain is powerful enough to reproduce those negative thoughts and manifest them into reality. <br />
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I say get rid of the negative thoughts will solve the majority of all our problems. I know I beat myself up more than I would ever think about dishing out on somebody else. I am my worst critic by 1000 times. What is up with that

I have conversations with myself too- all the time! (I really am quite talkative- just not with other people!)<br />
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I've been getting better and just spontaneously talking to other people more, without having to think about or worry about what they'll think.