A Visit to the Grocery Store

Terence McKenna, a really out there philospher and botanist, would get anxiety attacks around people.  He came up with the reality grip test/check:  If you can walk into a grocery store (at least a busy one), find what you are looking for and purchase the item without totally losing it, you're OK. I don't know what it is about grocery stores, but I always get apprehensive about visiting them, too.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

My wife (who was clairvoyant and very sensitive), found doing shopping at a supermarket very trying. Other people I know who are sensitives say that there are many non-physical energies whizzing around in such places which would likely cause one's mind to become confused... For instance, the thoughtforms of the owners, who are trying to rope you in to buy something, to pay for the rent; and all the dark-force beings that hang around such places, looking for someone to latch onto, to provide the energy and spying-ability they are after...<br />
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When you think of it, you realise that our atmosphere is crammed full of various "influences"... think of all the radio stations you can receive in that spot; all the taxis and truckies that are using UHF transceivers, all the people with their hand-held computers, downloading from the internet; all the TV programs you could pick up... All that is crowded into our living space; and then there's the non-physical beings as well, that have their own agendas...<br />
Our atmosphere is VERY crowded; and if one is sensitive to that (which we all are to varying degrees), its a lot to cope with.

I used to get paranoid that people thought I was looking at them funny in the grocery store. Now, I realize that most people aren't paying attention.