And It's A Testament To Healing

I used to be bulimic.

I was in a home where i was living with a step sister my same age, but where I had developed curves, she still was straight and skinny. she always walked around in next to nothing with her trendy brightly colored bras hanging out. I had c's and couldn't find trendy bras to fit right. I saw the way the boys looked at her, and how everyone was always talking about how pretty she was, but no one had ever told me that. I had been so wounded by the world telling me I wasn't good enough and my father not paying attention to me that I developed an eating disorder in an attempt to become thin and the envy of the world. But, since I still wouldn't dress provocatively, boys still didn't look at me that way. Then I found a new way to control my surroundings and my emotions. Then, I had an encounter with God and he let me know that I was truly beautiful, just the way he made me. I found my beauty comes from the part of me that stands up for truth and righteousness.

Now, I know I am beautiful. Sure, I may still have acne even though I'm an adult, and I may still have a little more of a gut than I would like, but I know I am beautiful. I don't even need to wear makeup to be beautiful. I can, and sometimes I do, but I don't need to paint a barn if it ain't ugly. :)

09healed08 09healed08
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2010