is what i'm not.

I am beautiful because I know who I am, and what is inside of me.

Physical looks could mean less to me. Other people's words won't convince me. 

Part of is is because I am "Disabled"

Here's my story:

I was born with ulnar clubhand which makes my right arm curve inward.
My upper limbs are functional, but I only have one elbow, and instead of ten fingers, I have six. Three on each hand.


I have come so far, and I know I am beautiful because of what is inside me. 
I know the human potential, but inside of me I feel only light.

I've been playing the piano for over 5 years, and trumpet for over 6.
I have always made regional bands, and gone past first round of all-state[haven't made all-state though, one year left.]

I've been complimented on my playing, but those are only superficial achievements. What makes them special to me, is that I feel the music in my heart.

Poetry and the arts are what make me human. Knowing that i have a heart and am compassionate makes me beautiful. 

I could care less about my looks. 

Being a compassionate haman being, sets me apart.
I am confident of myself and I am happy and at one with peace.

Those are things that make me beautiful.

I've had my doubts, who doesn't? But they only make me stronger because I live each day and do my part.
I will always offer a kind word wherever I can. A helpful hand, when needed, even not.

Compassion, kindness and the ability to overcome are what makes me beautiful.[ and of course a pinch of modesty and humility]

If I can do it, anyone else most certainly can.

TreeofSilence TreeofSilence
May 24, 2011