Redefining Beauty

I'm really glad that I've learned that there's more to beauty than just looks and I'm glad that I can feel free to exercise and say that "it's for fun and to be healthy" instead of doing it to get down to a certain size.  Getting slim and sleek is now just a benefit instead of an obsession as it used to be.  It's taken me awhile to realize that getting that ideal body is a good goal but it should be sought for the right reasons.  I shouldn't want that body just because I would be prettier or just because the media says that's what is beautiful.  I should seek that ideal body, that ideal weight because it's the healthy thing to do.  It's for me, it's for my health and not for anyone else's.  It's my opinion that counts.  It's like beauty is a state of mind.  To be beautiful you must be in a state of mind that is beautiful.  Many people have said that change from within is change from without.  I believe that and if anything that is what makes me beautiful.  My state of mind and the hope and the knowledge that what I imagine in my head I can view in the mirror.

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1 Response Jul 25, 2007

I really agree with you! And (even though I don't know you) I'm really proud of you that you could overcome that obsession with losing weight and the perfect body. I really like how you think. I've had the same struggles and I'm still fighting it. But I accept myself much more than before. And that feels so much better than having a thin body..