Am I Really Pretty?

All my friends including guys tell me that im pretty. But I never saw myself as a pretty girl, rather ugly. I have pores and acne marks all over my face and I dont think thats pretty../: Lot of my guy friends would tell me that boys goes crazy over girl like me..but that never happened in my life and the guys who said that to me dont seem to have any special feelings for me. Perhaps they just said that to make me feel excited or something..? I dont know. But I really dont feel pretty..and that has been my anxiety and one of the reasons for me being too shy.

cavalierprince cavalierprince
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 10, 2010

I was alot like you in youth. It's hard to feel pretty when we live in a society focused on outer perfection, women in magazines who are airbrushed and photoshopped, stick thin models etc.... You have to learn to work with what you have and be yourself. Focus more on your gifts like a good personality, make the best of your outer features with some makeup once in awhile. When you love yourself there are others who will love you and see the inner beauty surface. Maybe find activities that keep you busy and focused on something other than what you look like. It's good to care about your appearance, Still there's more to life than being beautiful. It helps but you have to also realize that even when you are hot there will always be some1 prettier. Just like when you are smart there's always some1 smarter than you in the world.

same here..plz let me noe if u across any remedy for this