I wouldn't say that I'm beautiful or anything but I get compliments very frequently about how pretty some people think I am . but about a year or two ago I went through a very rough patch in my life that had spanned 3 or so years. my skin was bad, my hair was really unhealthy and choppy and short, I didn't really have anything special about me to be honest. people made fun of me constantly before I moved and changed schools. once I changed schools everyone at my old school thought I was pretty and was very accepting of me. I even came out to my whole school and everyone accepted me. over these 2 years I significantly changed in appearance. my acne got way better, my hair has grown out a bit but looks way better and healthier, my body has changed the most. everyone always talks about how big my breast are or how nice my behind is lol but I still feel like that girl that no one liked from almost 2 years ago. and some people still pick on how I look and tease me about it. I know I don't look and I'm not the same person I was kinda ashamed to be but I want to like myself. I don't actually understand if I am pretty or not. everyone ive most had "love flings" these past 2 years also. one of my ex "/lovers/" talked really badly about me and I doubted if he even really liked me. I'm afraid for people to still call me ugly. I don't want majority of the people I hang around wit to think I'm ugly. I am also very self conscious about my body too. I won't wear a bikini, shorts, leggings. I'm afraid I won't be up to par wit what's supposed to be down there I really hate my legs and body. I have a boyfriend right now but I'm not sure what he really wants from me and I question all the time how he thinks of me and if it's bad. I just want to feel pretty like how some people say I look, I guess you guys could say I'm ashamed of how I look but I don't think I'm ugly but I don't think I'm pretty at all. sorry for the wall of text I'm just trying to get this off my chest I guess.
AkuYamine AkuYamine
13-15, F
Aug 22, 2014