I have always known I was beautiful on the inside. When it's quiet & I'm alone, if I look inside all I see is light. No darkness, no monsters, just peaceful light. I love those moments & I wish I got more of them. My life hasn't been easy, & I'm ashamed to admit I've made it harder then it had to be. I gave 17 years to a man who never grew up & never truly loved me. I was there always for him, I was an adventure that he knew he could leave at any time. His heart wasn't that involved. I look back now & could just kick myself. He sucked that light right out of me. I thought that it was gone for good, that I was no longer beautiful or unique.....
The light is coming back though. He's been gone 5 months & I am just starting to see the light again. I am so happy that it's coming. It shines out of my eyes & I know that I will be beautiful again. My heart & my soul are mine & will be beautiful to the right person..... ME!
I am happy, & even though I don't look like a supermodel, & couldn't get into size 14 jeans, let alone size 2, I am beautiful. I can love freely with all that I am & the man that's lucky enough to come in contact with me & recognize what he sees....He'll be a lucky man indeed, because I am a GODDESS & worth much much more than my exes or I could have ever imagined.


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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

by reading your article i think you are truly beautiful. Your probably wondering how i can say that even though i have never met you .... but beileve me you are beautiful. I used to worry that i wasnt the prettiest person at school. But one day i realised looking at the blue sky, the flowers, every gift that god gave us and appreaciated it. Heres a positive quote i love<br />
" your better being hated for what you are then loved for who you arent" At the end of the day if your a beautiful person it will shine through you and make people want to be your friend. if your pretty but a horrible person then whats the point. Even though in todays society the people who are pretty that are horrible(not saying that all pretty people are like that- im not singling anyone out) are the people who are popular at school. same in my school. <br />
<br />
And im very sorry to hear about how this man treated you, you deserved so much better :( but i guess you cant change what happend. Like they say everything happens for a reason. and i beileve that god tests good people like us more than bad people to see how we deal with things. And even though i dont know you i think your beautiful :)

That was very good, I am glad you are turning it all around. Just remember negitive out possitive in.