I Love Myself to Say Am Not Beautiful

Although sometimes I have this huge insecurity inside of me I still feel I am beautiful.  I may not be physically gifted like the models or celebrities but within...you can count me in.  Sometimes, I wonder what's it like to be 5'6" tall or thin like Kate Moss, a but like J. Lo and a face like an angel but then I realize it's nice to be normal.  Yah, there are times I feel uncomfortable with myself.  I don't flaunt or flirt.  I don't ask men for a date and I suck when it comes to date so, basically, I have all rights to be insecure but then when I get to the point of depression over such lame notions, I look at the mirror and smile...I am beautiful.  I don't take it personally because even if I stayed single until now and no one ask me for a date I guess it's just not my time and I pretty like the way it is...no hassle and no pains.  My friends kept telling me that I am too old to find a boyfriend.  I know that but I am not that desperate and somehow I still believe that Love comes your way even if you don't ask for it.  Beauty lies within, though.  
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2007

You're welcome :)

thank you!

What are you talking about, you are pretty! You have a gentle temperment and sound quite level-headed to me. It's always us artists who usually don't get appreciated as much as they should. You're not too old. Keep enjoying your life. That's all can say :)