Yes, I Am

I always thought in my childhood whether I was beautiful or not. No one had ever told me how beautiful I was. I was always concerned of my looks and figure. I was very slim and had a very low confidence because of my small size. During my school and college days I was always the one who was made fun of.

And then I met my husband who made me realise how beautiful I was. Today I feel very proud of my looks and body. He praises me by saying that I have a sexy figure and that he got very lucky to have me.

Truly speaking, I am the one who is lucky to have him in my life. My self confidence has boosted and I am no more ashamed of my figure. Now I wear all  kind of clothes which I had always dreamt of. Now I see many eyes following me at many places which really excitesme. Now I proudly say, "Yes I am beautiful", very beutiful.
shalini7 shalini7
26-30, F
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Love you too :-*

Wow!! The fact that you are beautiful is apparent from your words. It is not that you are lucky.. Its just that you are in love... And that is a beautiful feeling:-)<br />
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The clarity of thoughts that you possess is something i will always envy you for.. The fact that you are so close to mom makes me love you more:-*<br />
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I love you and am happy when I am with you.. Whether we are talking or not, I always look out for you and i know you do it too!! <br />
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Love you baby:-*:-*:-*