Is it possible that I could be Anorexic? Iam so confused and alone, and seriously think that I need help. I started a diet it January because I was overweight at 198lbs, my height is 5" 3". Since then, till now, my weight is 128lbs. Family and friends have said that my weight loss is extremly dramatic, but I just shrugged their comments off, putting it down to jealousy. I started the diet eating anywhere beteen 600-800 calories, but over the last few months decreased my intake. Eventhough Iam at my ideal weight, I'm still not happy. Constantly setting targets, but when I've reached them, making new ones. I used to go overboard at the gym, and excel myself, to lose extra calories, but now Iam just too tired but still cut my intake right downas Iam still losing weight. I have isolated myself from all my friends as they do not understand my constant fear of putting weight on, I'm so alone. Everyday I weigh myself  3 times and hit an all time low if Ive put 1lb on. Looking in a mirror, or trying new clothes makes me feel sick, my husband keeps saying that I dont see what everyone else sees. Ive even been isolating him, he's my best friend and love him so much, but can't bring myself to tell him. I have even kept things from him, like the amount of laxitives I use, I'm so ashamed, and feel like a terrible wife and mother. Recently things have got worse. I feel cold all the time, my hair is straw like, Ive isolated everybody, constant headaches and the depression is killing me, literally. Please help, is there anything I can do?
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if you wanna lose weight, maybe that's a good or bad thing, but not eating causes malnutrition and the consequences.<br />
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If your not going to eat anything, try to drink healthy drinks, make fruit smoothies for breakfast/lunch, and take vitamins to make sure you at least get vital nutrients even if you don't get calories.