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Unhappy Scales.

i stepped on the scale one day and it told me, your too big, the mirror said the same thing. my family surely didnt say that im not. theyre always commenting on how my cousins are slimming down nicely and theyre sooooo small . like really i have been struggling with self confidence issues but this was the last straw. im anorexic. full blown lost 12 pounds in 3 days. its out of control. im going crazy, counting calories, barely eating. im 13. 13 is young. i want to tell my parents, but a treatment center would be expensive. and what would my friends, and classmates say about me. they all say that 125 isnt big but its huge. the ED voice says so, and he's always right. always. about food, sleep and everything else. they dont notice that ive lost alot of weight , so why worry them. so here i am drinking 4 glasses of water,  and planning the food for tomorrow. (none.) 
bul1marexi4 bul1marexi4 13-15 4 Responses Apr 25, 2012

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never get angry on the scales as they are only tools!

What i did at your age was non-stop jogging for 45 minutes for the first run and subesequently 1 hour non-stop jogging on every weekend. No need to run need endurance, not speed so that your body sweat like you had a shower. The more you sweat, the more you get rid of the excess fat!

Not sure how tall you are or body size or body composition (muscle to fat ratio). Might be a good idea to have a check up with your healthcare provider or doctor. They can determine a good healthy weight goal just for you.

im 5'8 and am 120, my doctor said i was underweight but, not enough to be worried.... imagine that. that just made me want to puke and starve and cut and die right then and there.

stay strong and keep going baby<br />
but try to fed ur self every alittle while<br />
and drink alot's of water so u do't bass a way<br />

I know what your going through. At school my friends never even take one glance at me when I throw my whole lunch in the bin. They just snicker and wisper. Great friends right? Its a hard life but make sure you remember is every life is a life worth living no matter the consequences. Stay strong xx