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Not Pleased.

I am not pleased with the way i look. I feel the need to loose wieght. I think i'm becoming anorexic. I hate eating.. but i pretty musch do it. And i love to excersize. But i'm going to try to eat less, and excersize more so i can loose wieght.

xxsufficatingheartxx xxsufficatingheartxx 16-17 2 Responses Jul 5, 2008

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First of all, just because you're fat doesn't mean you're not healthy. And if you want to be as skinny as bone just so people think you're beautiful I believe that's stupid. Nobody has the right to tell somebody else they're fat even if they are skinny. Why? Because just because somebody's skinny doesn't mean they're healthy. The might not have all the nutitrients they need or the excerice they need for there heart. For all you know they've got diabetes.<br />
Not to bring God into this, but this is what I know. You're not supposed to eat if you're not hungry and if you're hungry and got the food than eat it. You shouldn't eat more than you need, and never EVER are you supposed to harm yourself in anyway.<br />
Do you believe in suicide? If not, than you shouldn't be an anorexic. Being an anorexic is like slowly killing yourself. Yeha you might lose weight, but what's the point if you're dead and can't enjoy it. I'm over weight. Not much, but still am. I walk everday for more than two hours. I'm constantly moving around. I usaully just eat lunch, and sometimes I eat a snack, but that's rare. I'm over wieght because of all the meds I'm always on. People automatically asume I'm over wieght because I over eat.<br />
Not true and they usaully realize that when they seem me eating, because I actually eat less then most people. I can do days, days without eating at all, but that's only because I'm not hungry, not because I want to lose wieght. Why do people eat, because they need energy and usaully because they're hungry. But if I'm not hungry I can't exactly force myself to eat an entire meal. Maybe a snack or something, but nothing more.<br />
"Never harm youself or others, it brings nothing but heartbreak. You think your family is gonna care that you're skinny when you're dead. NO THEY WON'T!!!!!!"

whatever kitty girl... your friend is the one with a brain, quit telling people that they are fine when they are FAT!<br />