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Hi there,
i am new to this site and i am looking for help on losing a lot of weight FAST!
i am 5ft 6in and weigh 184lbs (13st 1lb)

i feel disgusting and really need to loose at least 54lbs (4st)

I have started starving my self for the past 3 days, I have been surviving on sugar free energy drinks and coffee (with fat free milk and 1 sweetener). I have also started cycling. In the past 3 days I had lost 5lb which took me down to the 184lbs mark!

I dont want to go crazy with this but I have no motivation or self control when it comes to food and i feel that i either stay eating the way i do and become morbidly obese( im currently labelled as obese by the NHS) or i just stop eating all together!

Any advice, tips or motivation will be greatly received!

ryshka ryshka
22-25, F
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Everyone I seriously believe in Advocare products. I think they would help a lot of people. My mom lost 9 lbs doing the 24 day challenge and my coworker lost 12 lbs! I'm not just trying to sell to you I honestly don't care if you buy it from a different Advocare distributor I just really want to help you! Please message me!

I use a thermogenic supplement for weight loss, drink 2 Litres of water a day and keep my calorie count below 500 a day. Starving yourself completely causes your bodies metabolism to shut down and you will burn muscle before you burn fat. The thermogenic keeps your metabolism up, the low cals per day keep you from headaches and soreness.
5'5" 98 pounds.
-A Nurse


I know of great ways to lose weight, and fast . [: You can message me anytime.

My goal weight is to be at least 10st I'd much rather be less but iv Gota be realistic and smart as i dont want my partner, friends or family to Realise what im doing! I'm actually 22 and have been battling with my weight since I was 16! The energy drinks and coffee keep me alert and make me able to keep going as I have a very very busy life with 2 jobs and college, there's no way I could keep doing that it I didn't have the energy drinks etc, I am gona drink upto 3 Litres of water a day as well! I want to reach my goal weight as soon as possible!

I am wanting to do the same. I am 5ft 6in and 148 lbs. I am wanting to become way way way thinner. When you feel hungry. Drink makes you feel like your not hungry. Btw,, whats your goal weight and date?? Good luck!!(: i am gonna do the same. Btw,, how old are you

You just have to keep on going! You need to stop drinking energy drinks and coffee, and you need to drink 3 litres of water a day. This can help you lose a LOT more weight.

When it comes to self control, I don't have very good self control either, but when I go a whole day without anything but water, I feel so good about myself! Also, that hunger you are feeling, it goes away. It doesn't sound like it makes sense, but after not eating for a day, you just aren't hungry anymore. 5 pounds in three days is really good!

I just started this diet where I don't eat for three days, then eat on the fourth day (less than 400 calories) then starve for three days again, and continuing on.... I am losing weight super fast, I've lost 3.4 pounds in the last 2 days of not eating. If you can't do that, just try setting your daily calorie intake to 200 calories a day. I lost 12 pounds in two weeks this way.