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I'M Fat And Disgusting

I'm 16 years old and am 5'2" and weigh 143. Less than a year ago I weighed over 170 pounds and managed to get dwn to 140 in the summer by starving myself. By september I was 134 and estatic but still 10-15 pounds short of my goal. Then somethig happened and I suddenly becamea afraid of starving myself and stopped. It's only gone down hill from there. I gained back nearly 10 pounds and I couldn't get back to starving myself again. But today is going to be the day that changes. I looked at myself naked in the mirror today and was thoroughly disgusted. I know it's not healthy nor safe but it works and it works fast. I need a buddy though, someone who understands and can help keep me on track and motivate me. Summer is coming fast and it will be the summer I get to be skinny and wear a bikini and feel confident.
km16 km16 16-17 4 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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Hey! :) How are you doing?

Check out the website, it may help u out a lot...they have a ton of products to lose weight or tighten an tone...I used a wrap that shrinks fat cells ive lost 3 inches on my tummy in two weeks!

I need a buddy to keep me strong. I have a story. Don't we all? Message me? I'm 3 inches taller but have the same goal as you. <3

I have tried before to do this but I cannot. It is very damaging to your still growing body bones I mean. So I pose an alternative cut out all sugar no sodas etc no bread no pastas. Eat meat fresh like grassed if possible not from fast food either get a salad w chicken for that organic eggs if u can avacados coconut oil etc healthy fats keep you full all day without a carb w them and veggies w every meal you can eat as much of those they are mostly negative calories don't eat too much fruit or very high sugar fruit and also no legumes example peanuts, lentils, beans. It's the paleo it works it's awesome you are never hungry when you eat right fights and right portions! Check out it has awesome advice and success stories. I want you to be healthy and you can do it! Exercise too walking melts it off!