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Becoming Anorexic. Again.

I've been relapsing for 8 years now. My dad force me to recovery. I've appreciate what he's done. But. I just don't feel right. I'm 5'2, 98lbs. I want to be between 80-90lbs. I'm sorry. I love you dad.  

carlile carlile 16-17, F 5 Responses Jan 29, 2009

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I'm sorry for your Dad too (and for you). How will your life be any better if you weigh 80lbs than it is now? Starving yourself is not a game, and neither is testing your father's love for you like that. And the longer you stay at a healthy weight, the more 'right' it will start to feel. So maybe it would be worth spending a while seriously thinking about whether you're really prepared to turn your back on your Dad' support? You need to realise that you could end up in a much worse place if you do.... Good luck. And remember that you're always worth fighting for x

You've been through a lot, but don't let this thing win. You don't want to be back where you started, do you? Therapy could really make a difference in your life. They don't judge you, and maybe you can find strength. I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way.

Socklord- what you meant to say is emaciated (starved, gaunt), <br />
not emancipated (independent from parental units).<br />
<br />
I think you mostly mean well by what you've said here, but this little girl has big problems. Your flippant, sexualized answer is probably partly why she thinks of herself the way she does. Male opinions project negatively, however well intended.<br />
<br />
carlile- get help. You are not ok, not a healthy weight, however small your fr<x>ame is. The only control you have at 16 is your eating habits. Do you want to be ill or die? The Hollywood stick-figures have million dollar doctors trying to keep them well, and a team of make-up artists & stylists to make you think they look healthy. Not to mention plastic surgeons before they hit 28 yrs old.<br />
<br />
If you don't 'feel right' you need therapy right now. A woman on Oprah didn't 'feel right' all the way to 83 lbs when her nervous system shut down bcz her internal organs died. She left behind 2 kids and her husband, parents, friends, relatives. No one thought it was 'that bad'.<br />

Sweetie oh be carefull. I have been there. Almost every girl that I really get to talk to has been there. Anorexia or bulima. A little bit of curve is beautiful. You are a lady. We women need to have certain parts that make us us. Hmm. I got down to 90 pds. You know, I was 'proud' of myself for not eating but, I wasn't nesscarily happier. What you are doing is very stressful. Everyday fighting with food. What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat...eveyday the fight. It takes up a lot of your time and energy and you think about it a lot. It's hard work to eat like a normal person. It does take time. Just don't give up on the idea of eating a good balenced diet. You'll free yourself in the end, believe me, I know.

I don' know why women do it. I'm not into fat chicks. I've had to fight for my sexual purity against being raped by them. I've later indugled, and was disgusted. But why a woman wants to look like a survivor from a concentration camp, I don't understand. Skinny is good. Emancipated is bad. There's a reason I don't reply to those " Want to buy a wife from Ethiopia?" ads. A little fat is fine. A cute little ( And I do mean "little") belly, a body that doesn't look like it belongs on a ten year old boy. And what's with the preoccupation on numbers? Maybe your scale is off, and you weigh 88? Did I mention that's unhealthy? Physically? Read Stephen King's " Thinner". <br />
Look. I'm as tall as you, a guy, and I weigh 200, about. I'm not super built, and could stand to lose twenty or thirty pounds. I don't care, and maybe I have problems relating to your state of mind, but I think about what I find attractive in a woman.<br />
1) ***<br />
2)Not too fat ( Twenty to thity lbs overweight, okay. We can work on that.)<br />
3) She'll sleep with me.<br />
4) Good personality, i.e., we click<br />
5) She likes me too.<br />
6) Small breasts. ( Huge ones sag. I'm in it for the long run)<br />
7) She doesn't have any serious mental problems or communicable diseases.<br />
This is what guys look for, in varying order. And with other **** thrown in. Okay that was spurious. What I'm saying is, quit worrying about your weight. Eat some mickey D's, and be happy. Don't puke it up. Hey some guys say, " The more cushion, the better the pushin' ". I don't agree. But when I sleep with a woman, I don't want her ***-bones to be a deadly weapon to my pelvis. The only ones who care that much about your weight are Paris Hilton, you, and maybe some psycho-***** who imprinted you. Quit reading fashion magazines.