Okay so I didn't really get to finish I'm new :P okay so in 5th grade I was bullied I was overweight had a few friends and scared to say what I want to say I wear sweaters all the time now to hide my fat I discovered the abc diet and it's taken over me in 6th grade I can't stop counting calories I still get bullied I selfharm now I regret it I'm in 8th grade now my parents don't really trust me idk if it's because I'm not the perfect straight A daughter that dresses girly I dress in boy clothes hey make me more confident I go to therapy 4 times a week and one day a week to a class to talk to people about our problems I'm deeply depressed and so confused with me I don't know y I'm here it feel like I don't belong
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I've come to realize there a lot of people like us. I have never been diagnosed but I believe I have a lot of anxiety, since I was little. Self destructive, i used to cut but i smoke weed now instead, than theres always ana around. Anyways i always feel like the people who aren't like us can sense that and treat us accordingly. I hated school. Best of luck to you sweetheart.

I don't fit in either