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I Think I May Be to Some Degree a Anorexic But I'm Not Sure. . .toms

 i don't really know how to start, i never really openly talked about it until a friend confided in me to talk about how she may think she has a problem, she came to me bc she said she saw signs that i might and thought that i had struggled through anorexia bc i show a lot of the symptoms as well. I already knew since last yr that i have or had some sort of a problem with eating, i knew when i was in the hospitol, after going from 110 to 97, i lost a lot of weight, i was always feeling sick, i have a lot of the physical symptoms most of all, tired all the time, low blood circulation, if i was in the breeze of a nice day my hands and arms would turn purplish, sometimes my legs would turn a bluish color, but i kinda told myself it's just bc i'm tiny and skinny and have bad blood circulation bc it runs in my family. But then i started feeling other things as well, right now my body mass index is only at 17.2, i just realized i was underweight according to that, i never knew, after i lost all that weight from when i was sick, which turned out to be a stomache infection, i never gained it back, even if i tried, and i did, it was so hard for some reason they told me to eat 6 small meals a day, it was so hard considering before that and since elementary school i didn't eat breakfast or lunch, only dinner and a snack after school, although when i was younger in the summer i was forced to eat lunch, though i was never hungry. I didn't think i had anorexia bc i wasn't purposely forcing myself to not eat, i was pretty ok with my body and my weight, the only thing i didn't like was my legs, i wasn't putting myself on a diet, i was simply never hungry, when i was depressed i would feel sick during eating or before eating so sometimes i would only eat half my dinner, but i thought if my weight stayed around 95 i was fine. After being in the hospitol, and the first sign of losing the weight, along with before that my family always picking on me bc they say i don't eat enough, it would get me upset and it would always end in a argument, i kept telling myself i ate healthy, i guess now eating a bag or two of small chips at lunch and then dinner isn't really healthy, but it's a improvement. I can't sleep at night, but i can sleep during the day and take naps perfectly fine, i'm tired a lot of the time, along with the circulation sometimes my legs would go out on me if i sat for a long period of time, whenever i get up i feel dizzy no matter what, i always had dry skin, but lately ever since a few yrs ago my hair hasn't been completely falling out, but even when i blow dry it, i get hair all over the sink, i';ve tried everything to make my hair healthier, my bones pop and creak all the time, my hip clicks sometimes when i'm just walking. i'm not sure if i have anorexia because i don't really have the psychological symptoms, sure i had a dream once that i was staring in the mirror at my legs and they were fat, after that i got a tad bit worried but just shrugged it off, as i said before i never really went on a diet or anything, i'm pretty content with my life right now, actually i'm the girl who always helps others and gives advice, i'm going to college next yr to be a art therapist and a teacher, i want to help people but right now i feel like something may be wrong with me as well. I was extremely depressed 2 yrs ago, i have a bad family history dealing with family members and addictions that has affected me although i;ve never tried any substance or self mutilation. I never knew all this about anorexia until my friend came to talk to me, it opened my eyes up a bit and now i'm becoming worried, i didn't know my body mass index was that low, i didn't know basically all of what i feel everyday are symptoms of it, i didn't know you didn't have to diet and starve yourself to be considered anorexic, i think i may be a anorexic. I think my mum knows as well bc talk about me going to college and everything, i thought she was joking but she said she would call me to remind me to eat, because sometimes i forget, and she frequently tells me i have to eat in college and be healthy. i'm worried myself if i'll go back tot he way i was before, i'm worried if i'm on the path to right now. i can't believe i didn't see i had some sort of a problem, i only noticed when i looked at a pic of myself a few months after the hospitol, i was so skinny, i was discusted with myself that i didn't even notice what i had done to myself, i feel ashamed that i can't eat 3 meals a day when ppl in the world are starving and homeless and hungry, i feel stupid that i didn't realize i started this as a kid when i would hide my lunch sandwiches around the house and pretend i ate them, or sometimes even now when someone asks me if i ate and i say yes when i didn't, or say i'll eat later when they eat bc i can't eat in front of someone else who's not eating. I'm not as bad as i was last yr, but now i'm worried that i may get to that point, i feel like if i talked to my mum about it that i'd feel stupid for thinking i have a problem if it turns out i don't, i'm not sure what to do, i was considering when i go off to college to see if i can use the free counseling they have within the college, i just, i don't know what to do, i don't know if i completely am anorexic or might be, i'm only 17 so i can't talk to a doctor within my parents finding out, i just don't know what to do, if anyone can give me some kind of guidance, i'd be extremely thankful, because not only am i trying to find out about myself but also my friend too. Thank you.

AzuraStarlight AzuraStarlight 16-17 4 Responses May 27, 2009

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It doesn't sound to me like you are anorexic, you don't have the psychological issues that characterize the disease. It just sounds like you have some issues with food that you need to work through. This just sounds like a case of undereating, not anorexia. It's great that you opened up about it, you have a better chance of getting past this and learning better eating habits.

i suffer from the same thing i am 13 5'7 in height and weigh 90lbs my bmi is 13.2 i never though tthat i was anorexic until i fainted and found out that the reason was that i had no nutrition. now i talk woth my doctor and parents they are really supportive of me and you should fell open about talking to them

You should not be ashamed about seeking professional guidance whether it be from a nutritionist or a physician. Look around you. We could all use professional help in this area! No one ever teaches us how much we should eat to maintain a healthy weight. Plus, it varies from person to person. As a result, most people eat way too much and some eat too little. Please promise me that you will discuss this with your parents and seek guidance from a professional. You don't even have to talk about your concern that you may be anorexic. Just let them know that you want to develop healthier eating habits and take it from there.

I think I had a similiar problem to you...i've never been fat, but decided to go on a diet to lose some weight, and suddenly it was brought to my attention quite a while later that I was skipping meals and not eating much really, but I didn't realise it had been an issue. I did lose a fair bit of weight in a short space of time, and I think that perhaps you do have a problem but don't want to make too big an issue of it because maybe you feel like it isn't serious enough at the moment. If you don't think you can talk to your parents (nowt wrong with that :D) then a friend is probably the best person to ask, but if you are can talk to a doctor and ask for privacy. I have a friend who saw a doctor about something private when he was 17, and they told him that if you were 16 or over they couldn't inform the family unless it was life or death.