Speaking Up With Father

In being raised in a conservative Jewish household there are things you cannot do, the fundamental one in our home was question your parents' decisions. The Torah teaches us, to 'honour your parents..' which is a very broad process or tenet, since there are so many ways you can dishonour. Not just being quizzical, disobedient, challenging, but even preferring to wear clothes that are not seen as distinctly conservative (like goth laces and leathers).

My father (Baal) is head of our household, and he is a dutiful father and parent, and husband. My mother and he decided to only have two children, which is in itself problematic (effectively), my brother and myself. They felt their life together would only allow them two, since there was enough to do for two children that would strain if there were three or four children. This is true as well, since the apartement we live in is ample space for a family of four - three bedrooms, a family bathroom, kitchen, dining room, library and salon.

I have though been wearing goth clothes for about five years now. I love them! But also, I have more piercings than perhaps they'd ever wanted me to have! Ten in each ear, navel, bottom lip and nostril. These little aspects of rebellion are in truth now the tip of the iceberg.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

It must be difficult to be so constrained especially as you reached your late teens, I dont understand how you can put up with a piercing in your lip, It would drive me crazy. What is the difference between a goth and a punk?