I'm Lost

Ok here is my story...I'm 30 years old and still leaves with my parents. I graduated 2 years ago from college, worked right after in a very big firm then lost my job some months ago. I'm the oldest of 5 and my parents are old and tired and have jobs that dont pay much. Now I feel useless because they don't ask me to pay for anything in the house and I don't think that is normal to still leave with my parents and not even be able to help them out. I don't have any friends (didnt make any in college, I was too busy getting a 4.0 GPA) . I feel lonely and depressed but dont show it when I'm outside because everybody including my family think I'm a happy person. I can't stop shopping < I'm obsessed with the way i look from head to toe because I'm even more depressed when I don't look good. I can't even keep a relationship. I cant tolerate any mistake from anyone and am constantly criticizing my boyfriend whenever he does something i dont like.People tell me that im too severe and that i need to loosen up a bit but i can't. I just want to do the right thing and be happy and normal
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1 Response Mar 12, 2011

maybe you just need to get a more open perspective to what is the right thing. <br />
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Don't criticize your boyfriend for what he does, just give reasons as to why you wouldn't do the same thing, maybe he can learn with constructive criticism. But even so, what's to say that what he does is wrong? people are too obsessed with right and wrong. But even so, many things and choices are much better than all the rest. It takes drive to try and do better, help him find that drive you have to be better.