In Every Way Imaginable...

I started off with so much hope and promise. I graduated high school a virgin with a 3.8 GPA. Now, I'm a TOTAL deadbeat. I've failed in every single area of life. I failed: Money (in debt), School (college flunked out), in Love (fuckked but never picked or loved), in Family (we are not close and have resentment), in Friends (Lost a lot of people), in God (Etenally lost can never follow shlt), in Myself (I can never be healthy, bad addictions). I have nothing going for me but a terrible smart a$s attitude. God, I hate life and what mine has become.

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@bamaboo64: I know how you feel. My mom is almost 46 and she has nothing to show for it. You actually have more to show than her. She gives a lot like you do. But, my mom doesn't have a house or a car or any college education. She went 7 years without working and didn't get paid for it. My mom is also stuck with my grandmother in a tiny apartment. You moms deserve so much more. Us females are working or trying so hard just to keep our heads above the water. I've found a solution. I'm going to file for disablity and move! Problem solved.

I feel you and feel your pain. I put myself thru college by working full time with 2 kids, a neice and nephew, an elderly mom and handicapped brother to support. My GPA was not the best but I got my B.S. I can get low paying jobs like $30 but never even get interviews for anything better. I work hard and smart but can never prosper. I'm unemployed right now because last boss intimidated cause I was smarter than he was. I give and give and give but never get anything in return but I also never ask for anything in return. Last 3 guys I dated dumped me. The last one was the worst becaause we were so compatible and really really really good friends. He really is a good guy. Then we got intimate almost a year later and he dumped the sexual benefits after only 3 months. We were still friends but I felt that I was pulling away from him because of the pain. I recently relocated. I'm so absolutely tired now. I'm 46 and this has been going on my whole life. Taking care of other and getting nothing but pain and abuse in return. Now I don't have anything left even for me. I'm to the point that I don't want it all because wanting leads to heartbreak which just makes me realize how big a loser I am. I just want a good job that I enjoy and can grow in until I die.

^ Really? I wish I could see it that way. There are other people suffering way more than I am who might not agree. But, I get it.

It means abosolutely nothing. I've never had a job and had my scholarships taken away. Life means nothing to me.

well, it seems as if you are talking about me...but i've never gotten a 3.8 gpa