Energy Drowning

i am 27 soon to be 28 but i really don't seem to see that any of my dreams from my younger days happening. im stuck in a job that i feel is making me feel as if i have no life.

i slowly feel my lifes energy drowning each time i wake up now days.........

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I am nearly 60, have seen at lot of my classmates make decisions. Have witnessed my children and their classmates make decisions. <br />
Those who went to college or trade school are happier and more independent. <br />
I agree with cmost, and encourage you to follow his/her lead. <br />
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le7m2db, you are definitely weird but I like you because you have something we all need to remember: Take life one NOW moment at a time, and realize that we are STILL ALIVE and therefore have opportunity to change the situation. And, that we are not to take ourselves, or our situation, so seriously that we can't laugh!!<br />
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I think your problem is you need a plumber.

I appreciate the advice and will take it to heart Ccat

I had a job several years ago that paid well, good benefits and all but the hours were long and I worked sometimes 7 days a week. I also did not enjoy my job and I stayed burnt out and exhausted. I stayed there 6 years and I was in my mid twenties at the time. There were not alot of good paying jobs for me at that time. I finally reached a breaking point and quit. Life does go on and I realize now it was a good job but a dead end job with no chance of going anywhere. I went back to school and now I have a job that I love. Before I didn't even have a social life I worked second shift all those years from 3pm until midnight. Maybe you can take some classes or get into something you will enjoy. Hope things get better for you.<br />