I Quit Another Job Yesterday

I'm 18 and graduated from high school last June. I've quit two college programs and two jobs since then. My friends are growing up, maturing, going places with their lives.  I'm slowly losing contact with everyone, I think they find me boring.

I've never had a girlfriend. I'm damn ugly, with no personality to boot. I get so jealous of good looking people. I'm constantly looking in a mirror trying to figure out what makes me so unattractive.

I have no confidence. I rarely ever speak, and it's becoming worse. I never have anything interesting to say.

I still feel like a child. An ungrateful, pessimistic one at that.
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You're so young, take your time and mike wise decisions.<br />
You will be a winner!!

Ive got to add(though I have not yet read your stories I am motivated to) I have a very similar technique to alwaysremember's. When I start to "loop" I have a verbal release.(I release all need,desire ect. to da da da , I replace this with Positive da da da ) your mind can not do two things/think two things at once. so I break my loop by just saying this to myself everytime i start to re enter 'the loop'<br />
Ps anyone who knows what they will be when they are 18 is short sighted lieing or very very linear. Enjoy each of your young day, your salad days as it were. Do try something new each week. And if you want to be happy in life and thankful for being yourself? Volunteer with your local Special Olympics, you will find perspective, joy hope love and a whole family of people who won't look at you and see your outside from a selfish place but from thier hearts. Dream and Do! Think and Be! Believe and Become....(me the great philosipher)

Hi,<br />
After reading a few of your stories and thoughts I can say with all certainty that you are NOT boring. You are passionate about what you write and that alone is a positive attribute. As for not having your life ALL figured out by the age of 18, cut yourself some slack. I'm 45 and after recently getting divorced my life in NO way is all planned out. The good thing about life is that we never know what is around the corner. I do have one suggestion though, try something for ONE week, and see if it makes any difference at all to you. Try, and this is a hard thing to do, but TRY to think only of what you think is a positive thing in your life. NOW don't say nothing, that's a cop out, sometimes you really have to think hard about your positive qualities, even if you are your own worse enemie. You might even have to sit down with a piece of paper and pen and spend an hour or two to really get through all of your negative thoughts to find the positive ones. Make the list up and try to find at least 10 things that you can write down about things that you like. Once you have done that, as silly as all of this sounds, keep the list with you at all times and EVERY time (and at the beginning it will be a lot) you start thinking negative things about yourself, take out what you think of a stupid piece of paper and read it!! Now I know this probably sounds like a stupid thing to do, but it was suggested to me and I tried it, feeling like an absolute fool, but strangely enough it did start to work, as the week went on, i needed to bring out that dumb piece of paper less and less, and I started having fewer negative thoughts. Apparently, at least this is what was told to me, it's similar to trainging your body, your brain essentially has to be re-trained, or in somecases, trained for the first time, to eliminate the negative thoughts and start to remember the positive thoughts. So if you try this expierement I all ready have 2 positive things you can write on your list and I don't even know you. 1. You write passionately about your feelings and opinions and 2. You are prepared to challenge yourself with what appears to be a silly expierement, so you are openminded. NOW those 2 things are incredible POSITIVES, and definately don't go hand in hand with a so called *loser*. If you have a moment, let me know what you think.

You have time. You aren't a loser! I am shy too. And I also hate the way I look thanks to my classmates back in the day. If you think you are boring, find an intrest and meet people through it. You just may open up and enjoy company. I have never had a girlfriend either. Don't feel bad about that. There is too much pressure on being with someone early in life that it can drive you nuts. Don't worry about things and they may find them selves toward you latter on.

It just sounds like you haven't found the right path yet. I know what it is like to have no confidence. Have you taken a placement test to see where your strengths are? Don't feel bad a lot of people quit jobs everyday. Hang in there something good will happen for you. You are not a loser! I know when you go through highschool everyone acts like you are supposed to have your whole life planned out and your career choice picked out. I think that is ridiculous! Even when people graduate and get ready for college most of them have a lot of uncertainties about their future. You have to find yourself and thats hard to do at 18.