I Am Such A Loser Because I Have Feelings For Someone Who Will Never Have Feelings About Me

I've been having feelings about this certain person for a while (12 years) and i've told her about it earlier but she does'nt care about me and i just hold on to a hope that one day she will change her mind, and as much as i've tried to tell myself that she won't and that i should move on, the feelings that i have for her won't allow me to.

it's come to a point where its really started to scare me and i find myself spending so much time looking at her photos on facebook, I am so ashamed of myself.

What can I do, someone please help!! 
lonelyboy2012 lonelyboy2012
2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Man as a guy who can relate to a degree (2yrs), i feel for you it is frustrating i know.
but if she see you like you her, i think after 12years you should let it go.
i am no where near qualified but if i were you i would try to date a few other girls maybe keep her as just a friend man( a distanced friend) and take your own advice that you wrote.
Move on if it is meant to be then it is meant to be.
and i will probably do the same

12 years is too long, I don't think a typical female is able to retain any feelings for anyone she is not engaged to. I think either she is a perfectionist or she is too busy being sociable and helping other people, so she has no time for you?