Why Am I Such A Loser

I'm 24 am i've never had any girlfriend in my entire life..i struggle in my education..all my friends have graduated and have decent job while i'm still living on my parent's money..my parents sacrifice everything for my education but yet i'm still stuck in college..and I come from a poor family..i hate my life,myself and i feel as if i don't have any purpose in this world..people make fun of me as i don't have any girlfriend even a female girlfriend. Plus people hate to be around me as i'm not fun, stupid and depressed.I have severe social anxiety problems and its getting worse every day up to the limit where i don't think i should live in this world...i cannot speak in public, even have a decent conversation with a girl...i,ve tried many ebooks on cd on how to be confident, happy but none has worked so far for many yearsdon...i'm a loser and will always be...i feel depressed since 5 years ago and the only solution i can think of is by committing suicide..maybe the world will be a happy place without me...

sorry for my crappy english
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2 Responses Apr 13, 2012

I am a self defecating introvert too. I feel your pain about the girls. I am older than you and live in my parents house. I am depressed but I find that If I do certain things then I tend to function at a happier level and happiness is important and I think people can sense that in a person. Our diet can have a large impact on the way we feel. Drugs and alcohol, tobacco all the time do nothing for your happiness I know because I have had a lot of that. Socially often times you will have better results if you force yourself. If we want results we have to force ourselves often. Talk to your doctor first and foremost. Girls come and go and break your heart but one day you will find the love of your life who loves you for who you are deep inside. Loving one person deeply feels better than having women like a rockstar. There are so many people in the world and the woman you will love one day could be just down the street. Social anxiety is also an issue of mine I had found a wonderful hypnotist by the name of Christian Tatonetti he does a wonderful hypnosis for social anxiety on youtube. Sometimes all you have to do is accept the rice pudding (Being open to the kindness of others). I wish you all the best.

I feel bad about myself too, that's why I googled this out. I guess everyone has their own problems, from what you said, I think you have some issues with confidence and self-esteem. That's fine, it does not make you any less in value compared to others. I have low self-esteem too. And 2 years behind my friends in terms of education.<br />
<br />
But see, I think your life is much more meaningful and valuable without having to compare to anyone. You have your own potential. And you cant blame anyone, you need to rely on yourself. Maybe you have something that you are reluctant to say to your friends? Find some best friends and share your stories, I am sure they will appreciate