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Too Late.....

I'm already there! I got a one way ticket to Losersville - theres no going back

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 22 Responses Jun 16, 2008

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*hugs nysangel116*

im a loser to...<br />
and ii am starting not to care <br />
about anything anymore

Thank you goldie :) (hugs)

i understand completly how you feel, but just remember this too shall pass. try and change as much as you can and whatever you cant dont stress it, time will change it. time heals all wounds.

Your right agent, I never take my own advice!!

Brother tried to kill you? I don't think you're the loser here.<br />
When life has put so much weight on you you can't help but feel depressed. <br />
But you just need to go on. That's what you'd tell anyone else, isn't? So take that advice yourself.

Hmmmm...... how about chocolate buttons? I like chocolate buttons :)

well arent most people in loserville broke? We'll need another form of payment

Thanks Tutti ((hugs)) - still in shock that your back !! O_O - so pleased! No don't be getting me into trouble you ha ha

Loser, my ***! Your my friend and your a special part of this society. You just see things differently from others sometimes, nothing wrong with that, thats healthy. Love you lots...don't be so hard on yourself x

Thanks Grams - words of wisdom from the wise!<br />
<br />
Silver - I think if we opened a place like this, where people could wallow in self pity (maybe the pity pool?) and not feel guilty, we could make a fortune!

God grant me the serenity <br />
to accept the things I cannot change; <br />
courage to change the things I can;<br />
and wisdom to know the difference. <br />
<br />
Recite this to yourself my friend, change those things you have the power to change, accept the things you can't and pray for the guidance and wisdom to know the difference. Big Hug, Grams

On your tenth visit and every subsequent 10th visit, you get a free stay. Try out our local attractions. There is the wall of shame, the pond of misery, and my favorite, the "I-am-going-no-where-with-my-life" escalator... its just giant escalator to nowhere... i recommend you try it only when you are drunk. The alcohol tends to lessen the pain from falling flat on your face.

LMAO - Okay I have visited and I will be revisiting, I'll be needing that guest card! :)

well in Loserville you can pout and ***** all you want. Because I say so! But know that there are not permanent dwellings in Loserville. Everyone just stops by and visits. Some people actually are repeat visitors. They get a frequent guest card. Ask your travel agent about it!

I agree with Valentine. Things will get better just hang in there.

LOL @ Silver - oh well, at least I'm somewhere I belong, for once I'm not the outcast ha ha

((hugs)) thank you, I hate being all like "Poor me boo hoo" but sometimes it's hard not too - I can be so strong but I have moments where I just feel so useless!

welcome to loserville. Not only am I resident, but I am also the mayor!

Yikes! That stuff is pretty crappy that is going on in your life but that does not make you a loser. You are a wonderful person who happens to be standing in front of a brick wall right now. I encourage you to smash it down! Frustrating times in our life come but you will not be in them forever!

Where do I start? Dead end job, argue with my husband constantly, haven't spoke with my mum in about 18months, brother tried to kill me, suicidal, depression....... I could go on!

why do you feel this way?