LOL  Oh Yeah I Am...bu...

LOL  OH yeah I am...But I'm going to be the Best Dang Loser Ever !! just you wait & see... ;-)

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 18, 2007

That's what I say! What the hell is so wrong with being a loser? I was born a loser, I've been a loser all my life, and I'll die a loser! I don't care anymore. In fact, I embrace my loserness! It's amazing how free you become when you do, because then you don't care about anything and nothing bothers you. Debt ceiling? Who gives a ****? I'm going to the movies! Healthy eating? **** that! I'm eating potato chips! No woman? I'd rather jerk off to Japanese ****! Hoorah!

Always be the best you can be.

I give ya a 5 for your possitively energetic go on this endever!! lol.