I Am Evolving

Over the past few years, just before I turned 40 and in that year, I've evolved into a completely different person - one that I actually like for a change.

I'm not afraid to be real with someone - to say what I mean in a way that (I hope) will not offend.  I'm not afraid to advocate for myself as well as the people I support.

I'm proud of my size, my family and my heritage.  I love my body, my sensuality and myself  most importantly.

I've found friends (on EP), my calling, and myself.

gdgtgrl gdgtgrl
41-45, F
5 Responses Apr 13, 2008

Awesome... I will be there soon!

thank you all for your comments

How did I miss this story before? Anyway, I just want to chime in with my support and encouragement. You are appreciated!

thank you all for you comments.

I'm glad this experience helped you so. I know someone who's going through a similar transformation, and I can only hope they'll turn out so well.