You Can Say That Agian.

When you get to a certain age above 25 you come to the understanding that most people are full of it and they crave attenstion and do anything just to get themselves a name or a rep for being able to handle themselves,so you get people who are after these things going out of their way to cause trouble and interfear with other peoples lives just because they feel they have the right to do so,and as a matter of fact they are so up for any trouble they can find they force themselves into peoples through intimidaastion and just making themselves heard through threats and harassment and verbal abuse,then you have the people on their wave length who think these people are great,when they are just trouble makers,with nothing better to do with their time,then looking for ways to build their image and to act hard but i have now had a new out look on some people and now i know that the ones who will do anything just to get themselves a name and  prove to who ever is around them that they are hard are just better off left to it,as people like them are better off locked up as trouble is all they know and all they will ever be looking for as it means so much to be repected by those who ar on the same wave length.As most people tend to mind their own you got trouble makers buzz off peoples downfalls,so due to that they become the next prized victem to recieve their lovely attenstion as most of these people have nothing to lose,thats why they cause trouble and not fear the law cause thats how they look hard by going jail,but because thats the way they are,they will always want to be seen and known no matter what and they have such a big chip on their shoulder that they are best left to screw themselves up because they dont care about anyone but themselves thats why i am saying they are not worth the time of day,and no matter what how they are seen by people comes  first.

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Jul 17, 2010